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We are so excited to share our first Israel Bar Mitzvah Chat and Tell! This is amazing way to celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Israel. The most beautiful and amazing country in the world. We are thrilled to share this with our readers! Mazel Tov to Dylan and his family!...

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Mitzvahs & More Expo

Mitzvahs & More Expo

Please Visit Mitzvah Chit Chat at Booth #1 at the Mitzvahs & More Expo on August 26th! We will have awesome giveaways created by G.Q. Promotions. And, a really awesome raffle entry to win $100 Gift Card when you join our Arizona Mitzvah Chit Chat Facebook...

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Montage Madness

Max’s Montage

Max’s Montage

Welcome back to Mitzvah Madness. Here's Max's Montage. Created by Xpress Video Productions Enjoy! Mazel Tov Max!

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18 Months Prior
12 Months Prior
10 Months Prior
8 Months Prior
6-3 Months Prior
2 Months Prior
1 Month Prior
The Month of
The Week of
Day & Evening Prior
The Mitzvah Day!

18 Months Prior

Arizona is its own unique market when it comes to Mitzvahs and booking the BIG 3 (Venue, Photographer and DJ). As soon as you get your date, you should check these three off your box, and then you have some time until the next phase!

Research & Visit Venues
Book your Venue of choice

Research Photographers
Hire a Photographer (very competitive for dates in Arizona)

Investigate a  DJ & MC
Hire DJ (very competitive for dates in Arizona)

12 Months Prior

Research and book Décor company

Research Planners (optional)
Book Planner (some people choose to hire a “day of planner” vs. “full event planner”)

10 Months Prior

If you have a lot of out of town guests send a save the date (mail or email)

Trial and book Hair and Makeup (especially if they are coming to your house and if they are in high demand)

Start sorting photos for the montage and think about music

Research Videographers
Hire a Videographer (optional)

Reserve room blocks of local hotels if you are having a lot of out-of-towners

Research and reserve Friday night Shabbat dinner if at a Venue

Research and Reserve Sunday brunch if at a Venue

8 Months Prior

Start sorting photos for the montage and paying attention to/thinking about montage music choices

Create a guest list (Some people choose to create two lists. One for teens and One for adults/family)

Initial Decor meeting

Decide on theme or Mitzvah vibe/feel and work with Graphic Designer or Decor company on logo creation

Research and Hire Rentals (i.e. photo booth, tattoos and any other extras)

Book Transportation if shuttling teens from service to party is necessary

6-3 Months Prior

Mitzvah child-Research & choose Mitzvah project

If you are having a bat mitzvah-start looking at options for the bat mitzvah girl, she might grow, but it is good to start looking

Second Decor meeting

Meet with a Giveaways person and decide on what logo favors you want to pass out

Look/Shop for Tallit and order 

Finalize Guest list

Order Invitations and thank you notes

Have Invitation envelopes addressed (try to have thank you note envelopes addressed if they can provide that services)

Order cocktail napkins (optional)

2 Months Prior

Even if you are a really advance planner wait as long as you can to purchase and alter a Bar Mitzvah suit. Boys grow a lot at this age!

Start gathering DJ Giveaway prizes (5 below, $5 gift cards and $2 bills)

Start ordering “floor trash” if you are having a dance party

Purchase cheap socks for teens

Select date for food tasting with Venue/Caterer

Mail the Invitations (8-9 weeks ahead)

Third Decor meeting and a staging/view of centerpiece(s)

Give photos and music selections to Video Montage vendor

Begin thinking about Aliyot and honors

Confirm with the temple or venue if all Mitzvah supplies are provided (Kiddush cup etc.)

1 Month Prior

Start writing speeches and toasts

Meet with DJ regarding speeches, music, kids games and timeline/flow of the party

Work on seating as the RSVPs come in

Have tasting and finalize the menu

Select and purchase candy for candy bar (optional)

Order challah (if needed)

The Month of

Call/email any guests who have not sent in a response card

Confirm room reservations with the hotel

Choose people for Aliyot and honors and ask them to participate

Provide Venue with seating assignments one-two weeks prior to the event

Finalize your speeches and toasts

Create welcome bags (Costco is a good place to get snacks)

The Week of

Give guest count to the Venue/Caterer

Finalize seating

Bring gift collection box/bag to the Venue so that it’s there when you arrive for the celebration

Deliver welcome bags to hotels

Confirm final details with all Vendors (timeline, give socks/giveaways to DJ)

Prepare tips in separate envelopes

Pay all balances

Day & Evening Prior

Take the Kiddush cup (if you are using a special one) and tallit to the temple for safe keeping

Enjoy Shabbat Dinner (if you have one)

Enjoy Shabbat Service (if you have one)


The Mitzvah Day!


Parents – Bring speech, $$ for vendor tips, speech/toast you when you leave the house

Mitzvah Child-Make sure your child brings his/her speech, prayers book, etc.…


Mazel Tov from Mitzvah Chit Chat

Please share your Mitzvah Story with us!

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