We are so excited to share our first Israel Bar Mitzvah Chat and Tell! This is amazing way to celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Israel. The most beautiful and amazing country in the world. We are thrilled to share this with our readers!

Mazel Tov to Dylan and his family! Here’s what Dylan’s mom had to say:

We had a personal guided tour for 8 wonderful days with a Bar Mitzvah in the shade of the Western Wall. It was very relaxing and Rabbi Bender was amazing (Shatour tours connected us with him)! This was a perfect vacation for our family, with the added bonus of a Bar Mitzvah in the most holy of places. It was incredibly moving and I will have a lifetime of wonderful memories (my mother rode a camel!).

Date of the Event

Location: The Western Wall

Photographer: Dylan’s Sister’s IPhone 7

DJ/MC: The Klezmer Music playing in the streets

Decor: The natural Beauty of the Western Wall

Giveaways: Love, Hugs and Kisses

Israel Tour Guide & Rabbi: Shatour Tours with the help of Zivit Blonder and Rabbi Arnie Bender

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