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Chances are you haven’t hired a professional photographer since your wedding – some 15 or 20 years ago. As you know a lot has changed since then and digital photography is here to stay. Even if you had digital photos in 1999, it has evolved – dare we say exploded – into something even Prince (the artist formerly known as) could not have dreamed of!

The technology required to produce the final images is not for the faint of heart. Not only do today’s photo artists need an eye for detail, composition and timing, they need an excellent grasp of modern digital technology to turn your vision into a visual memory for you to treasure for generations. Gone are the days of dropping off a dozen rolls of film to the processing lab and picking them up three days later. Those three days are now spent culling and preparing the story of your day.

While an advanced knowledge of Photoshop is expected to make you look younger (and thinner), the time it takes to prepare the digital files is dedicated time to the client. This processing time can make the difference between acceptable and WOW!

Even though digital photography allows the artist to make more images, there are a few things you can do to ensure a seamless and smooth photo day.

Use the time allotted wisely. Be prepared with a shot list of necessary family and friends. Remember that it always takes longer than you think – a natural smile can’t be rushed. Besides, Uncle Larry might be in the lavatory when it’s his time to make an appearance.
Cocktail hour is the time guests will be arriving as couples or as a family and this is the time to get them “fresh”. You will also want to capture all the little details of the party room that you spent so much time and energy creating. At Studio No 5, our two photographers split up to cover both the party room and the cocktail area.

The party usually starts with a Grand Entrance, so be sure to tell your photographers if you have anything special planned (e.g. confetti cannons). Professional photographers will work as a team with the MC or planner to prepare for the best timing and photo angles.
Your photo artist needs to know if and when there will be more special moments prepared for the party. The perfect shot can be instinctual, but sometimes it needs to be planned. At Studio No 5, we don’t want to miss that special dance with Bubbie or Zayde!
Chances are there will be family and friends attending from far away, so don’t be shy to ask your photographer to come over and catch the gang in action. Cousin Suzy dancing to “Thriller” might not happen again – at least not in public. LOL!

A great way to think of your photographers is as Partners. Professional photographers are part of your team. After the celebratory food and wine are gone, and the elaborate centerpieces put away, it’s the images of your Mitzvah that will live on to tell the story. Relive the experience. Treasure the memories. And think of the grandchildren who will love to see their relatives party like it’s 1999!

Studio No 5 would love to partner with you and your family on your next Simcha! We have over 20 years experience in portrait and event photography. We are easy to work with, offer outstanding photographic images and a quick turn-around. Studio No 5 is happy to tailor any of our packages to fit your needs. Albums are our specialty and we have many styles to choose from. Contact us for an estimate.

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